Producers Wanted

We are looking for producers and products from around the world. The USA/Canada, Middle and South America are the preferred markets for our purchase department.

If you can produce with passion and creativity; if you are flexible and inventive; if you have a sense for humor and action; if you are loyal and trustworthy; we are the right place and you can expect all these characteristics in return from us.

We are not a platform or marketplace with self-management. We are more like a ‘multi-brand’ department store, managed by our staff: buying and selling your content the best possible way.

Currently, we only approve cooperations with innovative producers and established content owners. Content brokers (with non-exclusive footage) are not accepted at this moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Existing content can be non-exclusive, as long as you are the sole owner of the footage with all the required paperwork/documentation and the content not being available on tube sites. If you produce for us “on demand”, the content will be 100% exclusive. There is a split option available for VIP producers, where we share the rights (between the producers and us) but no other party can purchase the rights.

We are looking for high quality content in specific niches such as glamour porn, golden showers, party & orgy content, costumes and uniform fetish, nylon and pantyhose, catfights and sex fights, freaky fantasy, and roleplay movies with unusual topics. Also, premium wet and messy content is welcome! Do you have awesome products, extraordinary ideas, bizarre scripts or crazy projects? Let’s talk!

We ALWAYS need full documentation for every scene and every model in the scene. No exception. Never! We will provide guidelines for the documentation of new footage. This will also help you to be safe in the future for your own productions.

There is no set price list. It ranges from 50 USD to 7.500 USD per scene. It mostly depends on the type of footage: existing, exclusive/non-exclusive and on demand or not. A split deal (non-exclusive, on demand) is separately priced case by case.

Prices are usually calculated in US Dollar (USD). Payments can be also made in EUR (Euro).

Please fill out the form if you are interested in the “Production Program”!

Don’t forget to add the following information in the text field:

  • Where you are producing (countries, regions, languages)
  • Type of your productions (niches, categories, quality)
  • Your references (websites, clip stores, …)